Hello, my name is Jessica Palacios.

I am a natural (mostly) light photographer based in the Houston, TX area since 2013. (I'm totally up for traveling though!) I specialize in documentary style weddings and portraits. Want to chat about a session? I'd love to! Can't wait to meet you!

A B O U T   R A E  L E I G H

  • Who's Rae Leigh? Not me, but it's actually a mix of my two little girls' middle names: Rae and Leigh. After all, they are my whole reason for picking up a camera in the first place.

  • Rae Leigh Photography is all about real moments and raw emotions. It's beautiful. Every session will include a few traditional poses, but most of all, I want people to be themselves!

A B O U T   J E S S I C A

  • I love Jesus first, more than anything. My two little girls are the greatest blessings I could ever ask for. My husband, also known as, my best friend, keeps me the happiest woman alive. I love living life with them.

  • Born and raised in Texas. Though I love my Texas, traveling is in my heart. I want to go everywhere!

  • My love for The Office is kind of embarrassing.

  • A few other random things I adore: Jesus, the 90's, antiquing, mountains, romance, jigsaw puzzles, the smell of nail salons, breakfast burritos, Rae Dunn, sunrises, online shopping, the feeling you get when you hear a really good song, fall weather, film photography, Christmas, glitter, and all things Disney!