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What's Rudy + Olive?

God knew what he was doing when he gave me two little girls, Kennedy and Hayden. I was destined to be a girl mom! My girls love dressing up just as much as I love dressing them up. Rudy + Olive was created so they can share their passion of fashion with the rest of the world! Rudy + Olive clothing is hand-picked by Kennedy and Hayden, themselves. 

Rudy + Olive is an offspring of Rae Leigh Photography. In addition to dressing up for fun, Rudy + Olive offers the PERFECT options for photo shoot outfits!

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PS: Rudy and Olive are actually the names of my sister's and my sweet pups! Rudy is a fun-loving, energetic Jack Russell Terrier. Olive is a lovable and cuddly Goldendoodle. 


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