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Mackensey & Steven Baker - College Station, TX Wedding

Mackensey & Steven Baker - College Station, TX Wedding

Mackensey and Steven were SO. MUCH. FUN. If I were to describe the perfect bride and groom, this would be them. Laid back and easy going. And uh... y'all. They totally had the DJ play Nsync and High School Musical. Like, that's right up my alley! I loved it! 

PS - If you're even thinking about doing a first look, DO IT! This wedding proves that first looks don't take away from the emotion at the ceremony. So many tears! Good tears! I could barely keep it together myself! 

And, here's a little bit about the two!

How did you two meet? How did you know each other were "the one?" Have a fun proposal story?

"We met at Texas A&M through one of my roommates that Steven had grown up with. I developed the worlds-largest crush on him that very same day, and later that school year we started dating. Actually, funny enough, the day after we started dating I helped move Steven to Houston to start his job. We did "long" distance for a year and a half until I came down to the area to student-teach last spring. 

It seemed like an ordinary Sunday. We got coffee that morning and went to church. Afterwards Steven was telling me about this food truck that his coworkers were raving about that we just had to try. I hate making decisions about where to eat, so even when he explained it as a "Indian-American infusion taco truck" (upon reflection we've decided that was the worst description he could've used) I went along. He said it was on the rooftop of Buffalo Bayou Cistern which was a place close to his apartment, so after parking, we headed up to the top. I did almost poke a hole in his plan by insistently explaining that there was no-seeable way to get a truck to the top of this building, but it wasn't until we rounded the top of the stairs that I saw the sweetest table setup and a camera lens peeking out. There was an overwhelming amount of tears, and I obviously said yes. Then I was 100% surprised by an engagement party with our family and friends after. It was the best day!"

What is your most valuable piece of advice you can share with future couples?

"Someone gave me the best piece of advice a few days after we'd gotten engaged and it has really stuck with me. He said, "plan twice as much for your marriage as you do your wedding." Planning a wedding is overwhelming and stressful a lot of the time, but if you keep a good perspective it becomes less of a to-do list. I know that our day will be absolutely beautiful, and I know all of the planning and hard work will be worth it. However, my excitement for my wedding day is only a small fraction compared to my excitement to be Steven's wife. So in advice form, I suppose I'd say always remind yourself of the point of the wedding day. It isn't to throw the best party, have the best food, etc. but instead it's to mark the beginning of a totally new and exciting adventure. Always stay grounded knowing that."


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