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Lovin' Lifestyle

Lovin' Lifestyle


In my last post, I touched a bit on lifestyle sessions and my passion for documenting real

moments within a gallery. The art of storytelling isn't something you can pose into fruition, its

real, raw and emotion provoking. In every lifestyle session I create, from maternity to family, I

am taking it upon myself to tell the story of my client. It is such an honor to be trusted with

accurately representing a client through images I deliver in their gallery. Today, I want to dive

into some of the reasons why I find lifestyle sessions so desirable for my clientele.

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Lately, I find that more and more people want to share who they are, with those in their life.

Whether that be on social media, with family or even co-workers, people are ready to show the

real side of life to others. Traditional posing in sessions is being swapped out for what some

would call “action shots” or “in the moment” images. I have personally found that lifestyle

sessions, where one can feel free to relax and be themselves have a much higher approval

rating with my clients. They are able to get a glimpse at how the world sees them on a daily

basis, mid-life and in the moment.


Some people may worry, “How will I know when to make that certain face or action That I see in

all of those photos online? I worry that I wont look relaxed.” When I am booked for a lifestyle

session, I go into the session reminding my clients that there is absolutely no pressure with me.

Often times I will ask that they do something comfortable to them, snuggle in, take a walk or

share a secret whisper in someone’s ear. This allows my clients to fall into a natural flow for their

photos helping the session produce the best images possible! Within the first few minutes my

clients are able to relax and forget about my camera following them around. I can’t tell you how

much fun I have had getting to know my clients a bit better through a relaxed lifestyle session,

there is just something so special about documenting real moments in the right light.

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The whole point to a lifestyle session is to be personalized to each specific client. There is no

one right way to execute a lifestyle session, you take it client by client and gallery by gallery.

This is another reason why I love lifestyle sessions, so much! The freedom to create an

individually unique gallery for clients is so rewarding and such a great expression of who I am

as a professional photographer. Allowing my creativity to flourish is so important to my craft and

how my work is presented, so having clients open to relaxing in front of my camera is so

rewarding when final galleries are released.

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When it comes to galleries, I do not limit my clients to a certain number of photos. Each session

is so unique in itself that I find each session produces its own set number of photos. With each

gallery I send out, I choose images that best depict my clients. From clarity to facial

expressions, each image is hand picked and edited to bring out the reality of my subject. One of

my many joys when it comes to culling a gallery, is going through each photo and being

reminded of the time spent with my sweet clientele.


Once again, I have to reiterate what a blessing my clients have been through all the sessions I

have offered. Without them, I wouldn't be the photographer that I am today and I am truly

grateful for the trust they put in me to deliver each gallery.

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