Oh, hey! I'm Jess!

Back in 2012, God blessed my husband and me with our first daughter. I was only 20, and before then, I never really gave photos too much thought. I liked snapping a cute selfie, slapping some oversaturated filter on it, and throwing it up on Facebook. As our daughter got a little older, I realized it's not about just a pretty smile. It's so much more than that. I started documenting little moments spent with her, and that flourished into what is now Rae Leigh Photography.

Fast forward, we now have two girlies and living our best life here in the great state of Texas. While I am a Texas girl at heart, I love to get in the car or hop on a plane and just go somewhere new. And despite living in the South my whole life, I prefer unsweet tea. Shocker! I know!

Enough about me, let me get to know you!