What's the difference between a storytelling session and a classic lifestyle session?

A.Storytelling sessions are for those wanting something a little more personalized. Many people prefer this option, because it doesn't feel too much like a photo shoot. Clients choose an activity or something fun to do, and I'll tag along to document the experience! I'll guide a little here and there, but will take a more hands off approach to posing. These sessions are activity based, candid, and moment driven. Location can be inside your home or at another favorite location.

Classic sessions are a bit more guided with many interactive and candid moments. In addition to the candids, I typically capture a few "smiling at the camera" photos. During these sessions, I give clients a series of prompts that generate real emotions and laughter allowing me to document them in the most authentic way. These sessions can be held in your home or at another gorgeous location.

Do you have any fun ideas or activities we can do for our storytelling session?

A.Absolutely! We can talk about what kind of things y'all like to do, personalities, and what kind of vibe y'all are going for, and we can come up with the perfect activity and location. Possibilities are endless - painting a room in your home, gardening, coffee date, washing the car, or simply just hanging out together. Seriously, WHATEVER y'all want to do!

How do I book?

A.First, we will decide on which session type and editing style works best for you as well as a date.

I'll then send an invoice and a contract. Once the contract is signed and a minimum of half of the session fee is paid, you'll be officially booked!